Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

 Division of Renal-Electrolyte

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photo Chethan Puttarajappa, MD


Phone: 412-647-5752

Office: Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute
UPMC Montefiore, 3459 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-647-5752
Fax: 412-647-5736
Education and Training
M.B.B.S, Bangalore Medical College, India, 2006
Internal Medicine, Michigan State University, 2010
Nephrology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2012
Critical Care Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2013
Research Interest
Dr. Puttarajappa’s research interests include pre transplant assessment of kidney transplant candidates, particularly in the area of cardiovascular risk and functional status assessment. His other areas of interest are Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections in the kidney transplant recipients and cost-effectiveness analysis in transplantation.
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Selected Publications:
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Puttarajappa, C., Shapiro, R., Tan, H.P. Antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplantation: a review. Journal of Transplantation. 2012; 2012: 193724.
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