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Department of Medicine

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Having a loved one in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) can be overwhelming. Our goals are to provide expert patient care and in a comfortable and family-centered environment.  The MICU is an ICU that offers specialized care for patients who have various medical problems.  Patients are monitored on a continuous basis. Many patients in the MICU require life-support therapy. 


General Information

The Family's Role

The MICU Care Team believes that a family’s role is important in a patient’s recovery and healing process.  When a patient is admitted to the MICU, we ask that you appoint one family member to act as the contact person. Our staff will keep the contact person informed. The contact person should relay news to the rest of the family.  To protect your privacy, each patient (or the person chosen as the decision maker) is asked to provide us with a Patient Information Numbers (PIN). When the proper PIN is used, MICU staff may release medical information to you. Family members who ask for information over the phone or in person must give the PIN before hospital staff gives any information about the patient. The RN or primary nurse care coordinator will help you with your PIN shortly after admission.

Post-ICU Care

The MICU team understands that your goal is to see your loved one recover from a critical illness as soon as possible.  The team will work with you to begin planning for post-ICU care within the first 24 hours.  Many patients will be followed by our pulmonary and critical care doctors as outpatients as well.  This outpatient clinic, the Comprehensive Lung Center, is located on the fourth floor of the Falk Medical Building.  Call 412-648-6161 for an appointment. 

Oxygen Needs

If you use oxygen, make plans for your oxygen before you travel so there is little or no cost to you.  Call your oxygen provider about your needs during travel and while in Pittsburgh.

Unless it has a Pittsburgh office, your provider should contact UPMC Home Medical Equipment toll-free at 1-888-860-2773 for help.

Visiting Guidelines

Family Support and Palliative Care

Part of the mission of the MICU is to emotionally support families, friends, and patients through the healing process.  Given the degree of illness in the MICU, many families are asked to make medical decisions on behalf of their loved ones.  To support the families, a separate care team, called palliative care, may be asked to help the family with coping and making significant decisions.  The families will be offered this support throughout the patient’s stay in the MICU.  A chaplain is also available for additional support at the family’s or patient’s request.