Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

  Division of General Internal Medicine

Clinical Services at Shea Medical Center, UPMC Shadyside

Education and Training Programs

The Section of General Internal Medicine at UPMC Shadyside is heavily involved in the educational endeavors of University of Pittsburgh residents, fellows, and medical students.

Several residency programs are based at UPMC Shadyside Hospital. Dr. Dario Torre directs the Community Categorical Program, Dr. Gary Tabas directs the Transitional Internship Program, and Dr. William Lamb directs the Osteopathic Internship. Residents in the Internal Medicineā€“Pediatrics Program are based at UPMC Montefiore but spend roughly half of their internal medicine experiences at UPMC Shadyside.

The section also supervises the experience of the Cooper General Internal Medicine Fellow, funded by the Shadyside Hospital Foundation.

Medical students from the School of Medicine rotate through UPMC Shadyside during a number of clinical experiences. The first-year and second-year clinical skills courses are coordinated by Dr. Caridad Hernandez. The third-year inpatient experience and the fourth-year medical student electives and subinternships at UPMC Shadyside are coordinated by Dr. Amanda Cooper. The third-year Combined Ambulatory Medicine-Pediatrics Clerkship (CAMPC) is directed by Dr. D. Michael Elnicki, and the clerkship's internal medicine component is largely based at UPMC Shadyside ambulatory sites.

In addition to these programs, Dr. Dianne Zalenski coordinates the women's health efforts at UPMC Shadyside and the student health experiences for faculty and trainees at Carnegie Mellon University's Student Health Service.

In 2009, Dr. Cooper received the Clinical Preceptor of the Year Award from Pitt medical students.