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Program for Research on Media and Health (PROMH)

Welcome to the Web site of the Program for Research on Media and Health (PROMH).

Overview and Mission

Youth and adults in 21st-century society are exposed to various types of media messages—including television, films, music, video games, Internet, print, and advertisements—during the majority of their waking hours.

Some studies suggest that some media exposures influence key health outcomes such as substance use (including tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use), diet and exercise patterns, sexual behavior, and violence. Some experts believe that media messages such as public service announcements and health-promoting video games may improve health outcomes and that educational and policy-related interventions may be effective at buffering negative influences or bolstering positive ones.

The mission of PROMH is two-fold: (1) to conduct research investigating associations between media messages and health outcomes and (2) to develop, implement, and evaluate interventions related to media messages, with the goal of improving health outcomes.

Program Faculty and Research

PROMH is directed by Brian A. Primack, MD, PhD, and includes a highly multidisciplinary group of affiliated faculty and staff members.

Core PROMH research projects have been funded by organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and findings from these projects have been published in leading national and international medical journals.

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