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Subject: Analyzing Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination Implementation in the Underserved
Principal Investigator: Kenneth Smith, MD, MS
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Purpose of Grant: Pneumococcal disease continues to be an important public health problem, particularly in underserved minorities. This R01 project will evaluate vaccination strategies to improve vaccination protection in this group.

Subject: Improving the Availability of Younger, Unrelated, Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Donors
Principal Investigator: Galen Switzer, PhD
Sponsor: NIH
Purpose of Grant: Younger, potential, unrelated, hematopoietic stem-cell (HSC) donors aged 18-30 are both the most clinically desirable and least likely to agree to donate after preliminarily matching a patient in need of a transplant. This study is focused on improving availability of younger, unrelated, potential donors by investigating motivations for joining a registry, as well as barriers and facilitators to agreeing to donate after matching a patient. Potential intervention strategies to improve availability in this group will be generated and evaluated for acceptability and desirability.

Subject: Integrating Patient-Centered Exercise Coaching into Primary Care to Reduce Fragility Fracture
Principal Investigators: Kathleen McTigue, MD, and Margaret Conroy, MD
Sponsor: Pennsylvania State University/ Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
Purpose of Grant: This study is randomizing a large sample of patients with fragility fractures to test whether fragility fractures are reduced further by using enhanced usual care plus exercise coaching rather than enhanced usual care alone.

Subject: Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists to Success (LEADS)
Principal Investigator: Doris Rubio, PhD
Sponsor: National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Purpose of Grant: This is a one-year program providing applied professional skill development, networking, and career coaching to MD and PhD postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty at our five partnering Minority Serving Institutions.

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