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Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations

This has been an exciting year for the Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations (PHCUP). The PHCUP received its second grant for free clinics from the Department of Welfare. In addition, for the next fiscal year, it was one of only four organizations in Pennsylvania to be awarded a 2-year community challenge grant from the State Department of Health to increase access to primary care at its free clinic. This grant, with matching funds from the Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM), has allowed the PHCUP to have weekly, designated physician time at the Birmingham Free Clinic and to hire the clinic's first-ever full-time nurse. This will not only help current patients but will also increase the number of patients that the clinic is able to serve.

The PHCUP is one of the longest-running, free clinic organizations in the region and is unique in the amount of volunteerism and training/service learning time it offers to students and residents in the health professions. The organization is grateful to all of the DGIM staff, faculty, and administrators for their generosity in fundraising events, which help support the medical and supply budgets, and is also grateful to its many donors and volunteers.

For additional information about how to contribute to the PHCUP's mission, click here.

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