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Special Recognition Award for Joint Quality Improvement Project

Congratulations to the General Internal Medicine (GIM) Quality Improvement (QI) Collaborative Team, which received the Shadyside Hospital Foundation Quality Award—Special Recognition for its project entitled "Improving Chronic Care Management in Primary Practice."

The project was a collaborative effort between GIM Oakland and GIM Shadyside. It was designed to disseminate chronic care management (CCM) components from a tertiary-care–based practice to a community–based practice, applying lessons learned through disease-specific CCM quality improvement projects and electronic medical record tools implemented during the past 7–10 years. The aim was to achieve high-quality process and outcome measures with regard to multiple chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease) and preventive health, with a 3-year rapid-cycle improvement plan.

The team included Wishwa N. Kapoor, MD, MPH, division chief and QI governing oversight; Deborah Simak, RN, MNEd, QI facilitator; Joanne Riley, RN, MPM, senior division administrator; Gary Fischer, MD, medical director of GIM Oakland; D. Michael Elnicki, MD, medical director of GIM Shadyside; Gary Tabas, MD, director of ambulatory education at GIM Shadyside; and Cheryl Brendel, RN, unit director at Shea Medical Center in Shadyside.

Through the course of the project, the team learned that effective systems of disease management and preventive care can be disseminated in a timely manner to diverse settings. It also learned that critical factors for success include the implementation of fully functional and well-designed clinical information systems and the use of tested and sustainable CCM components.

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