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November 14, 2014


General Internal Medicine Fellowship Changes Structure and Leadership

Dr. Kapoor recently stated in an email to the division, “I am pleased to announce the new structure for the General Internal Medicine Fellowship. Our fellowship training program is experiencing significant growth, and I predict that both the clinician education program and the clinician researcher program will continue to become highly sought after. This year, we have already experienced a high level of interest in our fellowship—a level that we have not seen before. This has prompted us to reorganize the fellowship. Going forward, we will have two distinct programs guided by a steering committee. One program will be General Internal Medicine clinician research fellowship program which would be directed by Kevin Kraemer. Kevin will devote his effort in seeking new funding, enhancing the curriculum and training, and devoting his effort to recruiting and supporting research fellows. The second program will be General Internal Medicine clinician educator fellowship which will be directed by Carla Spagnoletti. Carla will bring her expertise and new ideas to the clinician educator program, monitor the program, and work with the steering committee and Rosanne Granieri as the Director of the Master’s Degree in Medical Education to advance the careers of clinician educators. Carla will also interact with palliative care fellows who are interested in a clinician educator career path.

The planned activities for current and incoming General Internal Medicine fellows will not change with this new direction. Kevin will no longer be regularly meeting with clinician educator fellows as Carla will start that role July 1, 2014. Kevin would then focus his role on meeting and advising clinician research fellows and developing new components for the clinician research program.

I am excited about these renewed plans as a result of markedly increased interest in our fellowship training programs. I want to thank Kevin for his outstanding leadership over the past decade in developing a strong fellowship program that has made major strides. I look forward to working with Carla as she brings her interest in medical education and medical education research to enhance and innovate in the clinician educator fellowship.

Please join me in congratulating both Kevin and Carla.”