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Professional Recognition


Raquel Buranosky, MD, received two awards from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine: the Charles G. Watson Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Outstanding Teaching Attending Award from the Residents. She received the first award during the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Society dinner in April 2012 and received the second award at the senior resident and awards dinner in June 2012.

Rosanne Granieri, MD, received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Institute for Clinical Research Education (ICRE) during the ICRE commencement ceremony in May 2012. On behalf of the medical education fellows, Sara Tilstra, MD, sent this message:

The medical education fellows would like to congratulate, with much admiration and gratitude, Dr. Rosanne Granieri for earning the ICRE Excellence in Teaching Award this year. Dr. Granieri has been such an integral part of our fellowship training, and we will always be appreciative of her hard work, teaching pearls, mentoring, role-modeling, color-coordinated conference schedule, and affinity for reflection papers. Thank you for making us accountable to ourselves and giving us the desire to continually improve upon our teaching methods.

Scott Herrle, MD, MS, was named 2012 Outstanding Physician of the Year by the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.

Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD, received the Best Women's Health Oral Abstract Award from the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) for her presentation entitled "Asking for What She Needs: Pregnancy Testing or Emergency Contraception." The abstract was presented at the Annual Meeting of the SGIM in May 2012.

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Eric Anish, MD, was selected as a member of the Team USA Medical Staff for the Olympic Games in London this summer. If you missed his recent interview on WPXI, click here.

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Meeting Presentations

A large number of our faculty and residents presented workshops, abstracts, and posters at the Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), held in Orlando, Florida, in May 2012.

  • Robert Brooks, Jeff Kohlwes. Update in general internal medicine.
  • Jennifer Corbelli, Rachel Bonnema, Annie Im, Sarah Tilstra. High risk or high reward? Breast cancer prevention and screening in primary care: new challenges and opportunities.
  • Efren Manjarrez, Gregory Bump, Caridad Hernandez. Teaching handoffs—what works.
  • Devin Mann, Rachel Hess, Stephen Persell, Craig Umscheid. Can the electronic medical record save evidence-based medicine? Using clinical decision support to infuse evidence into practice.
  • Carla Spagnoletti, Jamie Green, Alda Gonzaga. Health literacy training to improve health communication and quality of care.
  • Sarah Tilstra, Rachel Bonnema, Jennifer Corbelli, Anu Munshi. Combating "pregaphobia": guiding our patients through pregnancy from asthma to Zoloft.
  • Judith Walsh, Sonya Borrero, Jennifer McCall-Hosenfeld. Update in women's health.
  • Ateev Mehrotra, Ruopeng An, Deepak Patel, Roland Sturm. Evaluation of a patient financial rewards program to encourage preventive care.
  • Ateev Mehrotra, Susan Paone, Cynthia Carbine, G.D. Martich, Grant Shechik. A comparison of e-visits and office visits for sinusitis and urinary tract infections at four primary care practices.
  • Bruce Rollman, Julie Donohue, Bea Herbeck Belnap, Aiju Men, Fanyin He, Mark Roberts. The 12-month cost-effectiveness of telephone-delivered collaborative care for post-CABG depression.
  • Yael Schenker, Greer Tiver, Seo Yeon Hong, Douglas White. Association between physician beliefs and whether the option of comfort care is offered for patients with advanced critical illness.
  • E. Bimla Schwarz, Sara Parisi, Erin Baldauf, Rachel Rapkin, Glenn Updike. Asking for what she needs: pregnancy testing or emergency contraception.
  • Kenneth Smith, Angela Wateska, Mary Patricia Nowalk, Mahlon Raymund, Richard Zimmerman. Cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal conjugate vaccination strategies in U.S. adults aged 65 and older.
  • Kenneth Smith, Rachel Zimmerman, Angela Wateska, Mary Patricia Nowalk, Mahlon Raymund, Michael Fine. Cost-effectiveness of procalcitonin-guided antibiotic use in community-acquired pneumonia.
  • Sarah Tilstra, Melissa McNeil, Doris Rubio. Developing female academic leaders: outcomes of the VA women's health fellowships, 1995–2011.
  • Maggie Benson, Peggy Hasley. When the physical exam tells more than the laboratory results.
  • Jodie Bryk, Peggy Hasley. Catecholamine catastrophe.
  • Molly Conroy, Kathleen Spadaro, Kathleen Sward, Irina Karpov, Dana Tudorascu, Wishwa Kapoor. Does primary care provider (PCP) support contribute to weight maintenance efforts following lifestyle intervention?
  • Jed Gonzalo, Brian Heist, Briar Duffy, D. Michael Elnicki. The value of bedside rounds: a qualitative analysis.
  • Brian Heist. Fat leaking from a broken tibia: near death and back again in two weeks.
  • Rachel Hess, Gary Fischer, Melissa Weimer, Sunday Clark, Caroline Zieth, XinXin Dong, Mark Roberts. Intensity of messaging necessary to encourage patients to access the patient health record (PHR): preliminary results from the SMART-PHR Study.
  • Rachel Hess, Sam Poloyak, Stacey Dillon, M.B. Minnigh, Shenay Jeffrey, Genevieve Neal-Perry. Sexual activity is related to vaginal mucosal maturity in postmenopausal women.
  • Mathew Lander, Peggy Hasley. The "eyes" have it: an unusual case of ophthalmoplegia.
  • Jonathan Lee, Hollis Day, Peggy Hasley. A conscientious workup of regional lymphadenopathy.
  • Jonathan Lee, Hollis Day, Peggy Hasley. Unleashing the Wolff: a case of life-threatening cocaine-induced tachycardia.
  • Siyang Leng, Leobard Appleman, Gregory Bump. Small leads to big: the perils of thrombocytosis ignored.
  • Bruce Rollman, Bea Herbeck Belnap, Faynin He, Sati Mazumdar, Charles Reynolds. Depressive symptoms are related to perceived but not objective severity of heart failure.
  • Tara Shankar, Peggy Hasley. A dizzying differential diagnosis: left pontine infarction.
  • Joseph Simonetti, Michael Fine, Deborah Simak, Yi-Fan Chen, Rachel Hess. Racial disparities in intermediate outcomes of diabetes care in a patient-centered medical home.
  • Julia Skapik, Elan Cohen, Hillary Lum, Peggy Hasley. Resident physicians identify need for more policy education and health care improvement.

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