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Clinical Vignette Acceptances and Presentations at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine

  • Title: Amoebiasis Presenting as Liver Abscess and Acute Appendicitis Simultaneously. Housestaff: Gaurav Gupta and B. DaRocha Lima. Mentor: Peggy Hasley.
  • Title: Raynaud's Syndrome and Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome: Iatrogenic Complications of Interferon Therapy. Housestaff: Gaurav Gupta, J.T. Baca, and A. Beardsley. Mentor: J. Sethi.
  • Title: Serotonin Syndrome: Too Much of a Good Thing. Housestaff: Kelly Hagerich. Mentor: Melissa McNeil.
  • Title: Flirting with Disaster: A Case of Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome. Housestaff: Annie Im. Mentor: Rosanne Granieri.
  • Title: Crisis Management: A Case of Weakness and Respiratory Failure. Housestaff: Annie Im. Mentor: Rosanne Granieri.
  • Title: Dry as a Bone: A Case of Selective Resistance to Desmopressin in Central Diabetes Insipidus. Housestaff: Hussain Mahmud. Mentor: Adrian Visoiu.
  • Title: The Diagnostic Dilemma of Dry Mouth. Housestaff: Lynn Malec. Mentor: Andrea Fox.
  • Title: Spilling the Salt: Thiazide-Induced Hyponatremia in the Elderly. Housestaff: Christine Oakley. Mentor: Rosanne Granieri.
  • Title: A Case of Nonresolving Orofacial Space Abscess after Molar Extraction in an Uncontrolled Diabetic Young Woman. Housestaff: Tomifumi Onishi. Mentor: D. Michael Elnicki.
  • Title: Chasing the Dragon. Housestaff: Kristin Sanfilippo. Mentor: Harish Jasti.
  • Title: Acetaminophen Toxicity: More Than Just the Liver. Housestaff: Roger Wu. Mentor: Thuy Bui.
  • Title: Legionella Diarrhea? A Classic Case Masked by an Atypical Presentation. Housestaff: Daniel McFarlane. Mentor: Alda Maria Gonzaga.

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