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Results of Survey Assessing Satisfaction with CRHC Data Center

The Center for Research on Health Care (CRHC) Data Center thanks the 77 individuals who responded to its satisfaction survey. Through the survey, which had a response rate of 53%, the Data Center was able to identify its most popular services. It was also able to determine how investigators assessed the knowledge and expertise of its faculty and staff, the timeliness and quality of its services, and charges for its services.

Respondents used the following services:

  • Data management (72.7%)
  • Data analysis (61.0%)
  • Pre-award services (42.9%)
  • Web site development (22.1%)
  • Graphic design (11.7%)
  • Other services (5.2%)

Respondents said that the Data Center faculty and staff:

  • Identified services that researchers needed (92.1%)
  • Handled issues with courtesy and professionalism (92.1%)
  • Appeared knowledgeable and competent (90.7%)
  • Understood the issues and timeline (76.0%)

In assessing their overall experience with the Data Center, 51.3% of respondents were very satisfied and 32.9% were somewhat satisfied. For overall quality of services, 54.1% of respondents were very satisfied and 25.7% were somewhat satisfied.

The survey was the Data Center's first step toward improving the services it offers. Over the next year, its administrators and staff will be implementing some quality improvement methods so the center can be more effective and efficient. This month, for example, they will initiate a new "ticketing" system that will enable them to track requests and monitor the progress of projects. They welcome feedback on any of their new approaches.

For complete survey results, contact Doris Rubio, PhD, at

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