Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

 Division of Renal-Electrolyte

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photo Mohan Ramkumar, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-360-6181

Office: 7E118 VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
University Drive Division
Pittsburgh, PA 15240
Phone: 412-360-6181
Fax: 412-360-6908
Education and Training
MB; BS, Univ. College of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India, 1993
Internal Medical Residency, SUNY HSC at Brooklyn
Chief Residency, SUNY HSC at Brooklyn
Nephrology Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
Transplant Nephrology Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
Research Interest
Dr. Ramkumar served as the site Principal Investigator at the Pittsburgh VA as a coinvestigator on Dr Myasskovsky’s Merit Review “Tracking Kidney Donors’ Health, QoL and Financial Outcomes Post Donation”.
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Selected Publications:
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