Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

  Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine

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photo Faraaz Ali Shah, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-692-2210

Office: UPMC Montefiore Hospital, NW628
3459 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-692-2210
Fax: 412-692-2260
Administrative Assistant:
Rosemarie Catley
Phone: 412-624-8669
Fax: 412-383-7113
Education and Training
BA, Biology, New York University, 2005
MD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, 2009
MPH, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, 2018
Residency, Internal Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, 2012
Fellowship, Pulmonary and Critical Care, University of Pittsburgh, 2015
Research Interest
Dr. Shah is currently funded on a K23 research award studying the impact of early nutritional support on the development of metabolic dysfunction and hyperglycemia in sepsis with a particular focus on the role of intestinal derived incretin hormones. He is a translational researcher whose work includes studies of glucose metabolism in mouse models of sepsis and clinical trials to improve outcomes in septic patients. He maintains an interest in the long-term cognitive impact of critical illness with an eye toward understanding the mechanisms underlying this complication to build towards future studies.
Educational Interest
Dr. Shah remains involved in teaching principles of critical care management to residents in the Internal Medicine residency programs at UPMC Presbyterian-Shadyside and the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.
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Selected Publications:
Shah, F., Burack, O., Boockvar, K. S. Perceived barriers to communication between hospital and nursing home at time of patient transfer. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 2010; 11(4): 239-45.
Shah, F. A., Pike, F., Alvarez, K., Angus, D., Newman, A. B., Lopez, O., Tate, J., Kapur, V., Wilsdon, A., Krishnan, J. A., Hansel, N., Au, D., Avdalovic, M., Fan, V. S., Barr, R. G., Yende, S. Bidirectional relationship between cognitive function and pneumonia. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 2013; 188(5): 586-92.
Tate, J. A., Snitz, B. E., Alvarez, K. A., Nahin, R. L., Weissfeld, L. A., Lopez, O., Angus, D. C., Shah, F., Ives, D. G., Fitzpatrick, A. L., Williamson, J. D., Arnold, A. M., DeKosky, S. T., Yende, S., GEM Study Investigators. Infection hospitalization increases risk of dementia in the elderly. Critical Care Medicine. 2014; 42(5): 1037-46.
Singamsetty, S., Shah, F. A., Guo, L., Watanabe, Y., McDonald, S., Sharma, R., Zhang, Y., Alonso, L. C., O'Donnell, C. P., McVerry, B. J. Early initiation of low-level parenteral dextrose induces an accelerated diabetic phenotype in septic C57BL/6J mice. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. 2016; 41(1): 12-9.
Shah F.A., Girard T.D., Yende S. Limiting sedation for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome - time to wake up. Current Opinion in Critical Care. 2017; 23(1): 45-51.
Shah F.A., Singamsetty S., Guo L., Chuan B.W., McDonald S., Cooper B.A., O'Donnell B.J., Stefanovski D., Wice B., Zhang Y., O'Donnell C.P., McVerry B.J. Stimulation of the endogenous incretin glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide by enteral dextrose improves glucose homeostasis and inflammation in murine endotoxemia. Translational Research. 2017.
Ioja S., Singamsetty S., Corey C., Guo L., Shah F., Jurczak M.J., McVerry B., Shiva S., O'Donnell C.P. Nocturnal hypoxia improves glucose disposal, decreases mitochondrial efficiency, and increases reactive oxygen species in the muscle and liver of C57BL/6J mice independent of weight change. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. 2017.
Sponsored Research/Activities
Title: Metabolic Effects of Early Nutritional Support in Sepsis: A Translational Investigation
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding Agency: National Institute of General Medical Science
Grant Number: K23 GM122069
Start Year: 2016
End Year: 2020
Title: Effect of Route of Nutritional Support on Metabolic and Inflammatory Outcomes in Sepsis
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding Agency: National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, & Kidney Disease
Grant Number: F32 DK105685
Start Year: 2015
End Year: 2016
Notable Achievements
Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award, UPMC Department of Internal Medicine, 2013
Clinical Base Year Teacher of the Year Award, UPMC Department of Anesthesia, 2013
ATS Travel Award, American Thoracic Society, 2015
PACCM Robert M. Rogers Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award, 2016