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photo Thomas R. Radomski, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-692-2666

Office: Center for Research on Health Care
230 McKee Place, Suite 600
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-692-2666
Fax: 412-692-4838
Education and Training
BS in Molecular Biology & Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2006
MD, Penn State University, 2010
MS in Clinical Research, University of Pittsburgh, 2016
Internal Medicine Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2013
Chief Medical Resident, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2014
General Internal Medicine/Clinical Research Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2016
Research Interest
Dr. Radomski is a health services researcher who is focused on understanding and improving the value of healthcare in the United States. Specifically, he is interested in how the the receipt of care across healthcare systems influences healthcare utilization, quality, and outcomes.

As a clinical research fellow, Dr. Radomski was the recipient of a National Research Service Award and conducted research on the dual use of VA and non-VA care. Applying latent class analysis to VA and Medicare claims data, he established a typology of 4 distinct groups that represent the most common ways that Veterans receive diabetes care within and outside VA. Between these groups, he discovered significant differences in sociodemographic characteristics, health service utilization, and health-related outcomes.

Dr. Radomski's current research focus is two-fold: 1) He is studying how the receipt of care across healthcare systems influences the use of low value health services within integrated payor/delivery systems such as VA; and 2) He is developing a novel, medication-based risk adjustment measure to overcome current limitations in claims-based risk adjustment when comparing care received in VA and non-VA settings.
Clinical Interest
Dr. Radomski is a board-certified general internist who sees adult patients in the General Internal Medicine Office and attends on the Inpatient Internal Medicine Service at UPMC Montefiore Hospital. He is experienced in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide array of medical problems that affect adults of all ages.
Educational Interest
Dr. Radomski actively participates in the education and training of medical students and resident physicians. He precepts residents in the general internal medicine outpatient clinic and teaches an array of primary care topics for resident pre-clinic conference. Additionally, Dr. Radomski instructs both residents and medical students as an attending on the inpatient internal medicine service and serves as a teaching attending for medical students during their inpatient medicine clerkship.
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Selected Publications:
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Parekh, N., Hernandez, I., Radomski, T.R., Shrank, W. H. Relationship Between Provider-Led Health Plans and Quality, Utilization, and Satisfaction. American Journal of Managed Care. 2018; In Press.
Radomski TR, Tabas G. Stable Ischemic Heart Disease (Computer-based Instruction). Annals of Internal Medicine. 2015.
Notable Achievements
Associate Member, Society of General Internal Medicine Mid-Atlantic Region Leadership Committee, 2013-2015
Recipient, Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (Health Resources and Services Administration), 2014-2016
Best Poster Presentation in Health Services Research, University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine Research Day, 2015 & 2017
Finalist, Milton W. Hamolsky Junior Faculty Award for most outstanding research abstract, Society of General Internal Medicine National Meeting, 2017
President-Elect, Society of General Internal Medicine Mid-Atlantic Region, 2018