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Subject: Minding Goals: An Internet-Assisted Mind-Body Behavior Program for Blood Pressure Control
Principal Investigators: Kathleen McTigue, MD, MPH, MS, and Natalia Morone, MD, MS
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health
Purpose of Grant: This R34 project will implement a comprehensive online hypertension program to provide self-management support to primary care patients with poorly controlled blood pressure. The intervention will include a curriculum in mindfulness meditation for stress management. A pilot study will evaluate aspects of feasibility related to primary care implementation, as well as the logistics of a future efficacy trial.

Subject: PaTH Clinical Data Research Network
Principal Investigator: Kathleen McTigue, MD, MPH, MS
Sponsor: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
Purpose of Grant: The PaTH Clinical Data Research Network brings together five health systems: University of Pittsburgh/ UPMC, Penn State College of Medicine/ Hershey Medical Center, Temple University School of Medicine/ Temple Health, Johns Hopkins University/ Johns Hopkins Health System/ Johns Hopkins Health Care, and the University of Utah. The network creates infrastructure to support patient-centered comparative effectiveness research by linking electronic health record data across these systems, following a longitudinal cohort of more than one million individuals across a variety of health care settings and supporting the engagement of clinician and patient stakeholders.

Subject: Evaluation of New Messaging for High-Priority, Adult, Unrelated, Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Donors
Principal Investigator: Galen Switzer, PhD
Sponsor: National Marrow Donor Program
Purpose of Grant: This project will evaluate the psychosocial effects and behavioral outcomes of new stronger messaging for potential hematopoietic stem-cell donors who preliminarily match a patient and are the only available 10/10 human-leukocyte-antigen–matched donor.

Subject: Primary Palliative Care Training
Principal Investigator: Robert Arnold, MD
Sponsor: Milbank Foundation
Purpose of Grant: Three related initiatives of this project include: (1) training clinicians providing palliative care consults at six community or rural hospitals, (2) training hospitalists to provide primary palliative care at our six largest hospitals, and (3) evaluating these models of palliative care.

Subject: Expressive Painimation: A Novel Electronic Pain Assessment Tool
Principal Investigator: Charles Jonassaint, PhD
Sponsor: Pain Research Challenge, Virginia Kaufman Endowment Fund
Purpose of Grant: This project will develop and test "Expressive Painimation," an application that allows patients to describe the quality and intensity of their pain using dynamic animations instead of the traditional 1-10 scale.

Subject: Online Mental Health Treatment in Sickle Cell Disease
Principal Investigator: Charles Jonassaint, PhD
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health, Loan Repayment Award
Purpose of Grant: This project will implement an existing computerized cognitive behavior therapy program called "Beating the Blues" into routine clinical care at the UPMC Adult Sickle Cell Clinic to determine the effectiveness of this intervention in decreasing depression and pain versus an enhanced usual care arm.

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