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Birth Announcements

Jason Kojtek, wife Lynn, and their son Elliot welcomed Lucy June Kotjek on May 22, 2015. Lucy weighed 9lbs 2oz and was 22 inches long.

Tom Radomski and wife Brittany gave birth to Derek Robert Radomski on June 12th, 2015. He was born at 4:43 am and weighed 8lbs 4oz. Here is Derek and his mom enjoying the division picnic!

Lauren Talotta, husband Nick, and their son Nicky welcomed Alexis Noelle Talotta on June 21, 2015. Alexis weighed 6lbs 12oz and was 18 inches long.

Colleen Kosky and husband Jason welcomed Evelyn Kosky on July 9, 2015. Evelyn weighed 7lbs 2oz.

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