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Subject: Using Shared Decision Making and Telemedicine to Increase Tobacco Treatment and Reduce Complications for Orthopedic Patients
Principal Investigator: Esa M. Davis, MD, MPH
Sponsor: The Beckwith Institute – Clinical Transformation Program
Purpose of Grant: To implement an innovative pre-surgical, comprehensive, shared decision making protocol at UPMC Shadyside Orthopedic Clinics that identifies and engages patients in tobacco treatment using telemedicine video conferencing to support tobacco cessation prior to total joint replacement.

Subject: “What Did They Say?” Training Residents and Nurses on the Medical Services to Communicate Medical Information More Clearly to Their Patients at the Bedside
Principal Investigators: Carla Spagnoletti MD, MS and Jennifer Corbelli MD, MS
Sponsor: The Beckwith Institute—Frontline Innovation Program
Purpose: To develop and implement interactive training sessions focused on communication techniques for internal medicine residents and medical nurses to help them deliver complex medical information to inpatients and to ensure that they truly understand their medical conditions during bedside rounds and at the time of discharge.

Subject: Treatment of substance use disorders (SUD) in hospitalized patients with endocarditis or spinal infection.
Principal Investigator: Daniel L. Giesler, MD, PharmD
Sponsor: The Beckwith Institute – Clinical Transformation Program
Purpose of Grant: Substance use disorders coupled with intravenous drug use is a growing national and regional epidemic. This population often develops life threatening infectious complications as a result of their SUD.  During hospitalization, the focus is typically on the treatment of the infection with very little or no emphasis on treatment of their SUD.  Our project will improve and standardize the care provided for the underlying SUD during hospitalization and as the patients transition back to the community. 

Subject: A Cluster Randomized Trial of a Supportive Care Intervention (CONNECT) for Patients with Advanced Cancer
Principal Investigator: Yael Schenker, MD
Sponsor: National Cancer Institute
Purpose of Grant: To test whether an innovative nurse-led intervention to improve provision of palliative care within oncology practices can decrease morbidity for patients with advanced cancer and their caregivers.

Subject: STORM Implementation Program Evaluation
Principal Investigators: Walid Gellad, MD, MPH, and Leslie Hausmann, PhD
Sponsor: VA Health Services Research and Development
Purpose of Grant: To evaluate the national implementation of a real-time data dashboard designed to provide real-time clinical support to help VA administrative leaders and providers reduce adverse outcomes among patients receiving opioid medications in the VA.