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STAR Awards

Shea Medical Center at Shadyside and General Internal Medicine – Oakland (GIMO) are recipients of the STAR Service Excellence Award in the “Sustained Achievement” category. Both clinics have won this award in the past, and it is a huge accomplishment to continue being recognized for such excellent and sustaining care and service.

Shea Medical Center is recognized for continuing excellence during the past four quarters for the staff members’ ability to work together to create an effective and unified environment, as well as their steadfast sensitivity and concern for their patients’ needs, and their friendliness and courtesy toward patients and families.

GIMO is acknowledged for sustained achievement during the past four quarters for the care providers’ constant awareness and compassion for their patients’ needs, as well as for their genuine interest for patients’ questions and worries, their kindness and sympathy toward patients and families, and their efforts to include patients in health care decision making. Congratulations to both clinics!

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