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Director of the Section on Biomarkers and Prediction Modeling Announced

Doug Landsittel, PhD, Professor of Medicine, will be the Director of the new Section on Biomarkers and Prediction Modeling. The Section has wide-range objectives across all phases of translational and patient-centered outcomes research with applications to:

  • Underlying mechanisms
  • Monitoring disease
  • Prognosis and prevention
  • Prediction of treatment response and heterogeneity of treatment effects

The Section will bring together a multidisciplinary group of investigators to research topics and methodologies of common interest. They will seek funding for studies and expand the Division’s capacity in research, both methodological and applied, in this area. With the growing importance of personalized medicine, biomarkers are assuming a greater importance in research and clinical management. The Section will become a unique resource at the University of Pittsburgh for studies on the use of biomarkers and their impact on diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Landsittel will also continue to develop curricula focusing on biomarkers in the ICRE and work with graduate students to advance the goals of this section.