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Grants and Funding

Subject: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Satisfaction with Care.
Principal Investigator: Susan Zickmund, PhD.
Sponsor: VA Health Services Research and Development (HSR&D).
Purpose: African American and Hispanic veterans report lower levels of satisfaction with VA health care than do white veterans. This study will use an innovative approach to pinpoint key modifiable areas of dissatisfaction for African American and Hispanic veterans and to describe veteran-identified potential solutions to improve care.

Subject: Trial of Nurse-Delivered Alcohol Brief Intervention for Hospitalized Veterans.
Principal Investigator: Lauren Broyles, PhD, RN.
Sponsor: VA HSR&D Nursing Research Initiative.
Purpose: The primary goals of this three-arm randomized controlled trial are to examine the efficacy of nurse-delivered brief interventions with hospitalized patients who are hazardous drinkers and to identify barriers and facilitators to implementation of these brief interventions in inpatient settings.

Subject: Program to Improve Care in Complex Chronic Disease.
Principal Investigator: Mary Ann Sevick, ScD, RN.
Sponsor: National Institute of Nursing Research.
Purpose: With this award, the principal investigator will expand her content expertise pertaining to mobile- and Web-based applications useful for translational research; develop and pilot-test a new Web-supported lifestyle management intervention in patients with chronic kidney disease; serve as a mentor for trainees and junior faculty members pursuing patient-oriented research activities and careers pertaining to translational research in patients with multiple morbidities; and develop a P30 application to support a Center on Translational Research in Multimorbidity.

Subject: Online Treatments for Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care.
Principal Investigator: Bruce L. Rollman, MD, MPH.
Sponsor: National Institute of Mental Health.
Purpose: Depression and anxiety are common in primary care practice and are associated with substantial reductions in health-related quality of life. This project will test the comparative effectiveness of two online treatments for these conditions, provided through the context of a collaborative care program. One treatment will consist of moderated access to a proven-effective computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT) program, and the other will consist of moderated access to CCBT plus an Internet support group (CCBT+ISG). The project will also compare the effectiveness of these treatments with the effectiveness of usual care provided by primary care physicians for these conditions. In addition, after the conclusion of the trial, the project will evaluate the adoption and maintenance of CCBT+ISG by medical practices and thereby provide a greater understanding of how to best scale the delivery of these interventions in a variety of primary care settings.

Subject: Temporally Oriented Subjective Well-Being across Transitions: Resources and Outcomes.
Principal Investigator: Rachel Hess, MD, MS.
Sponsor: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and National Institute on Aging (NIA).
Purpose: Traditional metrics such as life expectancy, infant mortality, wealth, and poverty do not present a complete picture of healthy aging. In particular, they do not capture subjective well-being (SWB), as evidenced by the valuations individuals make regarding their lives, events happening to them, their bodies and minds, and the circumstances in which they live. The successful completion of this project will provide tools to measure past, present, and future-oriented SWB and will advance an understanding of SWB and its role in healthy aging. It will assist policy makers in valuing the potential impact of improving SWB on health and health care costs.

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