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Update on the CRHC Grant Review Process

The Center for Research on Health Care (CRHC) has revised its internal scientific grant review process. The process is designed to improve the probability of funding success by better ensuring that grant proposals submitted to the National Institutes of Health, foundations, and other sources for external funding adhere to the highest scientific and ethical standards.

To facilitate a timely review process, the Internal Scientific Grant Review Committee has created a Web site where CRHC investigators can initiate the process to request a formal review of their grant proposals. The committee is chaired by Bruce L. Rollman, MD, MPH, and includes the following members: Bea Herbeck Belnap, DrBiolHum, Charity G. Moore, PhD, MSPH, Mary Ann Sevick, ScD, RN, and Lynn Rago, MBA.

Principal investigators (PIs) should generally begin the process at least 810 weeks before their proposal's external due date. However, in cases in which a grant request (RFP/RFA) has been issued with only a short time prior to the submission deadline, they should contact Dr. Rollman as soon as possible to develop a timetable for internal review or to request a waiver of this requirement. For answers to questions about how to access the request, contact Karin Dillon, the administrative assistant to the committee, at

For complete information about the CRHC internal scientific grant review process, click here.

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