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March 4, 2011


Residency Recruitment Update

Recruitment for the Internal Medicine Residency Training Program is in full swing. We recently welcomed Haylee Shacklock to the Medical Education Office in the position of recruitment coordinator and put her to work right away. She and the rest of the education team are busy working to make this one of the best recruitment seasons ever.

This year, we are seeing record numbers of outstanding applicants from top schools around the country. Here is a snapshot of what is happening so far.

  • Categorical residency applicants: 2,502 people have applied, and 475 applicants will be interviewed, including 24 research pathway applicants.
  • International Scholars Program (ISP) applicants: 200 people have applied, 36 will be interviewed, and 6 have already been chosen in our ISP pre-match.
  • Transitional residency applicants: 433 have applied, and 97 will be interviewed.
  • Preliminary residency applicants: 509 have applied, and 82 will be interviewed.
  • Med-peds residency applicants: 300 have applied, and 5660 will be interviewed.
  • Shadyside categorical residency applicants: 1,695 have applied, and 120 will be interviewed.
  • Shadyside transitional residency applicants: 331 have applied, and 78 will be interviewed.
  • Shadyside osteopathic internship program applicants: 51 have applied, and 21 will be interviewed.

Recruitment is always a busy time of year, but it is also one of the most important activities for the future of our residency training programs. We thank all of the staff and faculty who work tirelessly to make our interviews run as smoothly as possible. Of course, there are hiccups along the way, so we are especially appreciative of everyone's flexibility and patience throughout the process.

We look forward to sharing our top-notch match lists with you in April of 2011.

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