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Faculty Participation in the Fall APDIM Meeting

The Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) held its fall meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in October 2010. Once again, several of our faculty and associate program directors presented sessions and workshops. We congratulate them on the following:

  • Plenary Session, "The Elements of Recruiting: Marketing, Interviewing, and Communication," presented by Diana McNeil, Duke University; Asher Tulsky, University of Pittsburgh; and Kathleen Watson, University of Minnesota.
  • Workshop, "Motivating the Motivational Interview: Strategies for Teaching Residents Ways to Empower Patients for Health Behavior Change," presented by Julie W. Childers, Alda Maria Gonzaga, and Carla Spagnoletti, all of the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Workshop, "Learning Prescriptions: Educational Continuity in a Noncontinuous World," presented by Scott Herrle, Melissa McNeil, Thomas Painter, and Raquel Buranosky, all of the University of Pittsburgh.

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