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ICRE Appoints New Director of Degree-Granting Programs

Charity Moore, PhD, MSPH, has accepted the position of director of degree-granting programs in clinical research at the Institute for Clinical Research Education (ICRE). Dr. Moore earned her graduate degrees from the University of South Carolina and then served as an assistant professor of biostatistics at Rush Medical University (20002001), the University of South Carolina (20022004), and the University of North Carolina (20052007). In August 2007, she came to the University of Pittsburgh and joined the faculty in the Division of General Internal Medicine. She currently serves as an associate professor of medicine, biostatistics, and clinical and translational science and as a senior biostatistician in the Center for Research on Health Care (CRHC) Data Center. In the ICRE, she is the director of the Clinical Trials Track for the Master of Science in Clinical Research Program, the lead biostatistician for the Clinical Research Scholars Program, and the co-director of the Career Education and Enhancement for Health Care Research Diversity (CEED) Program. She also teaches ICRE courses on introductory biostatistics, regression modeling, and clinical trials, and she chairs the Internal Review Committee for outgoing grant applications for the Division of General Internal Medicine. Dr. Moore has worked collaboratively with investigators on studies in public health, health services, and clinical research for over 10 years and has mentored over 20 scholars in writing proposals for career development awards.

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