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Academic Internal Medicine Week 2009

Faculty of the Division of General Internal Medicine participated in and presented several workshops and posters during Academic Internal Medicine Week 2009, held in October in Philadelphia.

  • "Mental Health Challenges in Learners: Identification and Remediation," Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MPH, Raquel Buranosky, MD, MPH, Janine M. Frank, MD, and Frank J. Kroboth, MD.
  • "You Did What? Recruitment Using the Behavioral-Based Interview," Asher A. Tulsky, MD, Scott Herrle, MD, MS, Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MPH, and Peter Bulova, MD.
  • "The Journey to Medical Home," Joanne Riley, RN, MPM, and Deborah Simak, RN, MNEd.
  • "A Multifaceted Patient-Centered Interviewing Curriculum for Medicine Residents" Carla L. Spagnoletti, MD, MS, Alda Maria Gonzaga, MD, MS, and Rachel A. Bonnema, MD, MS.

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