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Grants and Funding

Subject: How does obesity and associated metabolic abnormalities contribute to the gender and race differences in outcomes in patients with cardiomyopathy?
Principal Investigator: Esa Davis, MD MPH
Sponsor: University of Pittsburgh-PATHS Program
Purpose of Grant: To examine how obesity contributes to the gender and race differences in cardiac recovery and transplant-free survival in patients with cardiomyopathy and to examine metabolic profiles to identify potential biomarkers that contribute to race and sex differences in recovery and survival.

Subject: Use and discontinuation of anti-dementia drugs in a national sample and perspectives from regional stakeholders
Principal Investigator:Nicole Fowler, PhD
Sponsor: RAND-University of Pittsburgh Health Institute
Purpose of Grant: To measure, describe, and compare the factors that predict the initiation of anti-dementia drugs; to identify and compare predictors of persistence and discontinuation of anti-dementia drugs; and to describe and compare the structure and elements of the decision-making process regarding the initiation and discontinuation of anti-dementia drugs.

Subject: University of Pittsburgh, Department of Medicine Junior Scholar Award
Principal Investigator: Nicole Fowler, PhD
Purpose of Grant:To provide unrestricted support to promising junior faculty in the Department of Medicine to maintain their research program.

Subject: VA Pittsburgh's Interdisciplinary Program for Addiction Education and Research
Principal Investigator: Adam J. Gordon, MD, MPH and Lauren Broyles, PhD, RN
Sponsor: VA Office of Academic Affiliations
Purpose of Grant: To increase the number and professional diversity of highly-qualified VA clinicians, researchers, and educators prepared to reduce the burden of Veteran alcohol and other drug use, addiction, and related health consequences in general medical and specialty settings.

Subject: Blended Collaborative Care for Heart Failure and Co-Morbid Depression
Principal Investigator: Bruce L. Rollman
DGIM Co-investigators: Bea Herbeck Belnap, Kenneth J. Smith, Kaleab Z. Abebe
Purpose: To compare the effectiveness of a "blended" telephone-delivered collaborative care intervention for treating both heart failure and depression to: (1) collaborative care for heart failure-alone ("enhanced usual care" eUC) and (2) doctors' "usual care" for depression (UC).