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Educational Innovation Project Receives Commendation

Congratulations to the teaching faculty and leaders of the Educational Innovation Project (EIP) for their recent commendation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

In the annual review letter from the Residency Review Committee, UPMC Internal Medicine received commendations for the following innovations and improvements made in the training program:

  • The implementation of effective faculty development programs for faculty advisors and increased direct observation development for continuity clinic preceptors.
  • The quality improvement project for medicine adherence among outpatients.
  • The impact of the EIP's chronic disease management program on the quality of care at UPMC campuses.

Based on these and other evaluations, the review committee for internal medicine said that it enthusiastically supports the continued participation of UPMC Internal Medicine in the EIP.

Kudos to Deb Simak, RN, MNEd, Raquel Buranosky, MD, MPH, and the entire team of residency program educators from Shanta Zimmer, MD, director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

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