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Faculty and Staff

Welcome Aboard

Elan Cohen, MS, joined the Center for Research on Health Care (CRHC) Data Center in March 2009 as a statistician. Elan received his MS in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University and completed an internship at the Neuroscience Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan. He has performed statistical analyses for a multitude of research studies, and he worked previously for the Epidemiology Data Center in the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh.

James V. Palmer, BS, was hired as a systems programmer III and database specialist and joined the CRHC Data Center in June 2009. James earned his BS in management information systems from Penn State and interned as a data analyst at the General Electric Transportation Division in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Donna Englert-Keller was hired in May 2009 to be the medical secretary for Firm Three in the MUH 9 South Clinic.

Julie Mastro has returned to the Department of Medicine, where she is serving as a manager of graduate medical education.

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Fond Farewell

Fadeke Akanbi, MD, has accepted a fellowship in Cincinnati.

Arleen Bottesch, the registrar at Shea Clinic for 19 years, has retired.

Anjali Grandhige, MD, will be working in Boston as a hospitalist.

Dany Issa, MD, has accepted a fellowship in Philadelphia.

Manie Juneja, MD, has relocated to West Virginia.

Vamsi Kodumuri, MD, will be a chief resident in Chicago.

Caroline Lin, MD, has moved to California.

Emily Martin, MD, has accepted a fellowship in endocrinology at UPMC.

Khaled Nashar, MD, will remain here in Pittsburgh as a UPMC renal fellow.

Amit Nautiyal, MD, is working in Wisconsin as a hospitalist.

Roy Trumbo, MD, and Julia Trumbo, MD, are working now as hospitalists in Vermont and will be moving to New Zealand.

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