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Recent Publications

Bacon KM, Hotez PJ, Kruchten SD, Kamhawi S, Bottazzi ME, Valenzuela JG, Lee BY. The potential economic value of a cutaneous leishmaniasis vaccine in seven endemic countries in the Americas. Vaccine. 2013;31:480-6.

Barrie A, Mourabet ME, Weyant K, Clarke K, Gajendran M, Rivers C, Park SY, Hartman D, Saul M, Regueiro M, Yadav D, Binion DG. Recurrent blood eosinophilia in ulcerative colitis is associated with severe disease and primary sclerosing cholangitis. Dig Dis Sci. 2013;58:222-8.

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Braddock CH 3rd, Snyder L, Neubauer RL, Fischer GS; for the American College of Physicians Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee and the Society of General Internal Medicine Ethics Committee. The patient-centered medical home: an ethical analysis of principles and practice. J Gen Intern Med. 2013;28:141-6.

Chang JC, Alexander SC, Holland CL, Arnold RM, Landsittel D, Tulsky JA, Pollak KI. Smoking is bad for babies: obstetrical care providers' use of best practice smoking cessation counseling techniques. Am J Health Promot. 2013;27:170-6.

Clayton JM, Butow PM, Waters A, Laidsaar-Powell RC, O'Brien A, Boyle F, Back AL, Arnold RM, Tulsky JA, Tattersall MH. Evaluation of a novel individualised communication-skills training intervention to improve doctors' confidence and skills in end-of-life communication. Palliat Med. 2013;27:236-43.

Cruz RJ Jr, Dew MA, Myaskovsky L, Goodpaster B, Fox K, Fontes P, DiMartini A. Objective radiologic assessment of body composition in patients with end-stage liver disease: going beyond the BMI. Transplantation. 2013;95:617-22.

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Feingold B, Park SY, Comer DM, Moore CG, Webber SA, Bryce CL. Outcomes after listing with a requirement for a prospective crossmatch in pediatric heart transplantation. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2013;32:56-62.

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Gonzalo JD, Heist BS, Duffy BL, Dyrbye L, Fagan MJ, Ferenchick G, Harrell H, Hemmer PA, Kernan WN, Kogan JR, Rafferty C, Wong R, Elnicki DM. The art of bedside rounds: a multi-center qualitative study of strategies used by experienced bedside teachers. J Gen Intern Med. 2013;28:412-20.

Goulet JL, Brandt C, Crystal S, Fiellin DA, Gibert C, Gordon AJ, Kerns RD, Maisto S, Justice AC. Agreement between electronic medical record–based and self-administered pain numeric rating scale: clinical and research implications. Med Care. 2013;51:245-50.

Halpern SD, Loewenstein G, Volpp KG, Cooney E, Vranas K, Quill CM, McKenzie MS, Harhay MO, Gabler NB, Silva T, Arnold R, Angus DC, Bryce C. Default options in advance directives influence how patients set goals for end-of-life care. Health Aff (Millwood). 2013;32:408-17.

Hausmann LR, Gao S, Lee ES, Kwoh CK. Racial disparities in the monitoring of patients on chronic opioid therapy. Pain. 2013;154:46-52.

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Hussey PS, Wertheimer S, Mehrotra A. The association between health care quality and cost: a systematic review. Ann Intern Med. 2013;158:27-34.

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Lee BY, Bacon KM, Wateska AR, Bottazzi ME, Dumonteil E, Hotez PJ. Modeling the economic value of a Chagas disease therapeutic vaccine. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2012;8:1293-301.

Lee BY, Bartsch SM, Wong KF, Singh A, Avery TR, Kim DS, Brown ST, Murphy CR, Yilmaz SL, Potter MA, Huang SS. The importance of nursing homes in the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) among hospitals. Med Care. 2013;51:205-15.

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Morone NE, Belnap BH, He F, Mazumdar S, Weiner DK, Rollman BL. Pain adversely affects outcomes to a collaborative care intervention for anxiety in primary care. J Gen Intern Med. 2013;28:58-66.

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Potter MA, Brown ST, Cooley PC, Sweeney PM, Hershey TB, Gleason SM, Lee BY, Keane CR, Grefenstette J, Burke DS. School closure as an influenza mitigation strategy: how variations in legal authority and plan criteria can alter the impact. BMC Public Health. 2012;12:977.

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