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Faculty Contributors to MKSAP 16

From left to right: Rosanne Granieri, Megan McNamara, Eric Green, Ro Conigliaro, Scott Herrle, Gary Tabas (book editor)

Current and former members of the Division of General Internal Medicine met in Philadelphia in March 2012 to continue their work on the 16th edition of the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP 16). This program, published by the American College of Physicians, enables learners to assess their knowledge and identify areas in which they need further study. MKSAP 16 includes 11 books that review general internal medicine and the internal medicine subspecialties. Each book includes text, images, and case-based multiple-choice questions with answers and critiques. The program can be used for continuing medical education and maintenance of certification and is available in print or digital formats.

Each of the authors pictured here wrote a sizable portion of the text for the books as well as several multiple-choice questions. They attended meetings at the American College of Physicians headquarters in Philadelphia, where they learned about authoring text and writing and reviewing questions. MKSAP 16 will be available in December 2012.

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