Renal-Electrolyte’s dynamic research program is directed at studying kidney/epithelial cell structure and function in healthy or disease states, as well as renal epidemiology and clinical studies.

Education and Training

An intensive clinical and research experience for physicians training in nephrology.


Patient care including: Inpatient Services, Kidney Clinics, Renal Transplant Clinic, Lupus Clinic, Outpatient Dialysis Programs, and the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.

Helbert Rondon, MD, MS awarded NIDDK R21

Associate Professor of Medicine and Nephrology Fellowship Program Director, Helbert Rondon, MD, MS, has been awarded an NIDDK R21 to study the role of oral urea in the treatment of chronic hyponatremia. Congratulations!

Arohan Subramanya, MD awarded $2 million NIDDK R01

Associate Professor and Renal-Electrolyte Division faculty member Arohan Subramanya, MD, has been awarded a $2 million NIDDK R01 to study how WNK kinases coordinate potassium secretion in renal intercalated cells during hyperkalemia. Congratulations!

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