Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

  Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine


Academic Offices

UPMC Montefiore NW 628

BST W1240

Kaufman Building 1117


Dorothy Voith

Dorothy Voith, MS, MBA, MT(ASCP)SH

Senior Division Administrator, PACCM
Administrative Director, Vascular Medicine Institute
Program Administrator, Division of Cardiology/UPMC HVI | 412-692-2210


Keith Lorenz

Keith Lorenz, MHA

Division Administrator, PACCM | 412-692-2210

Anna Marie Chekan

Anna Marie Chekan

Associate Division Administrator, PACCM | 412-692-2210



PACCM Administrative Staff


Dawn Ambrose Allan

Assistant to Dr. Steve Shapiro | 412-647-3395

Shannon McKenzie

Assistant to Drs. Chiarchiaro, Givelber, Johnson, Kilaru, JS Lee, Patel, Robinson, and Xiong | 412-692-2211


Rosemarie Catley

Assistant to Drs. Chen, Corcoran, Liu, Myerberg, Reddy, Weathington, J Zhao, Y Zhao, and Zou | 412-624-8669

Judy Nauman

Assistant to Drs. Camhi, Clark, DeLuna, Faber, Gregory, Gupta, Iqbal, Jennings, Kristo, Lamberty, Leme, Petrov, Poropatich, Risbano, Rivera-Lebron, Tofovic, and Wilson | 412-864-3199


Terri Dobransky

Lead Communications Specialist | 412-624-8856

Kathryn Nauman

Academic Affairs Administrator, Cardiology
Assistant to Dr. Chris O'Donnell | 412-624-7987


Sharon Droppa

Assistant to Keith Lorenz and Drs. Lendermon, Morrell, Pilewski, and Pipeling | 412-647-8477

JoAnne Phillips-Kronz

Assistant to Drs. Bon, Chandra, B. Lee, Nouraie, and Sciurba | 412-648-6494


Amy Flaugh

Assistant to Drs. Fitzpatrick, Methé, Morris, Qin | 412-648-7784

Stephanie Quinn

Finance | 412-692-2134


Patricia Geraci

Assistant to Drs. Kreit, McDyer, Oriss, Popescu,
A Ray, and P Ray | 412-692-2118

Mary Pat Rocco

Assistant to Dr. Rama Mallampalli | 412-624-8735


Kelly Hall

Assistant to Dr. Rama Mallampalli | 412-624-7441

Kelly Tatone

Assistant to Dr. Wenzel
Asthma Institute | 412-864-2615


Terri Heinrich

Assistant to Drs. Gibson, Jang, Kass, Lindell, Nyunoya, Rojas, Veraldi, and Zhang
Simmons Center for ILD | 412-624-7225

Stacie Truszkowski

Fellowship Coordinator
Assistant to Drs. Atwood and McVerry | 412-648-3098


Kristen Kindya

Purchasing | 412-692-2155

Danielle Uliano

Financial Administrator | 412-692-2531


Rhonda Lincoln

Project Administrator
Emphysema-COPD Research Center | 412-802-8572

Amy Wesolowski

Assistant to Dorothy Voith, Anna Marie Chekan, and Dr. Patrick Strollo | 412-802-8594


Dacia Mace

Finance | 412-692-2531

Mary Williams

Office Manager, Asthma Institute | 412-692-2139


VMI Administrative Staff

VMI Main Office: 412-383-5853


Kristen Bagwell

Website Administrator - VMI, Cardiology, PACCM | 412-648-9031

Kristin Mayes

Operations Manager, VMI and Cardiology* | 412-624-3063


Claire Hackman

Program Coordinator, Center for Translational and International Hematology
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Ofori-Acquah | 412-624-3239

Carla Monzo

Administrative Assistant* | 412-648-3181


Cynthia Hatfield

Administrative Assistant* | 412-648-9222

Kirsten Schwoegl

Associate Administrator, Cardiology and VMI | 412-648-9229


Diane Margaria

Administrative Assistant
Drs. Bruemmer, Chan, Dutta, al Ghouleh, St. Hilaire | 412-383-6030


*Please contact the Vascular Medicine Institute office at 412-383-5853 for PACCM Drs. Goncharova, Isenberg, Kanias, Kapetanaki, Lai, Mora, Sun, Sundd, Tejero, Walker, Wang, and Watkins