Department of Medicine

University of Pittsburgh

Vera V Levina, PhD


Research Assistant Professor of Medicine

Office: 5117 Centre Avenue, Hillman Cancer Center
1.19c (office), 1.18 ( lab)
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-623-4676
Fax: 412-623-1415

PhD in Genetics, Leningrad State University, Russia, 1992

Post Doctoral Fellowship, Nuclear Physics Institute RAS

Area of Specialization/Research Interest  
NSCLC , Cancer Cell Cytokine Network
Lung Cancer Stem Cells
Molecular Mechanisms of Therapy Resistance

Dr. Levina’s laboratory research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of radiation resistance in NSCLC, specifically, in radiation resistant cancer stem cells.
We are investigating the role of CXCL8/CXCR1 signaling in radiation resistance mechanisms and the function of molecular chaperone HSP90, in chemo-radio-resistance in NSCLC cells, in order to develop the targeting therapies against residual tumor-reinitiating lung cells.

Lab Personnel and Web page
Chitralekha Bhattacharya, PhD.- research associate; Roberto Gomez-Casal, MS.- research specialist.
Recent Grants
Title: Analysis of lung cancer stem cell radioresistance
Role: PI
Amount: 250,00
Funding Agency: NIH R21 1R21CA164740-01
Start Year: 2012
End Year: 2014

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications
Title: Non-small cell lung cancer cells survived ionizing radiation treatment display cancer stem cell and epithelial-mesenchymal transition phenotypes
Author(s): Roberto Gomez-Casal, Chitralekha Bhattacharya, Nandita Ganesh, Lisa Bailey, Per Basse, Michael Gibson, Michael Epperly, Vera Levina
Year: 2013
Journal: Molecular Cancer
Volume: 12/94
Page(s): 1-13
Title: Immunological and nonimmunological effects of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase on breast tumor growth and spontaneous metastasis formation
Author(s): Levina V, Su, Y, Gorelik, E
Year: 2012
Journal: Clin Dev Immunol
Volume: 10.
Page(s): 173029-38
Title: Elimination of human lung cancer stem cells through targeting of the stem cell factor-c-kit autocrine signaling loop
Author(s): Levina V, Marrongoni A, Wang, Parikh, Su Y, Herberman R, Lokshin A, Gorelik E
Year: 2010
Journal: Cancer Res
Volume: 70
Page(s): 338-346
Title: Lung cancer stem cells as a target for therapy.
Author(s): Gorelik E, Lokshin A, Levina V
Year: 2010
Journal: Anticancer Agents Med Chem
Volume: 10(2)
Page(s): 164-171
Title: Role of eotaxin-1 signaling in ovarian cancer
Author(s): Levina V, Nolen B, Marrangoni A, Cheng P, Marks J, Szczepanski, Szajnik M, Gorelik E, Lokshin E
Year: 2009
Journal: Clin Cancer Res
Volume: 15(8)
Page(s): 2647-2656
Title: Biological Significance of Prolactin in Gynecological Cancers
Author(s): Levina V, Nolan B, Su Y, Godwin A. K., Fishman D, Liu J, Mor G, Maxwell L, Gorelik, E
Year: 2009
Journal: Cancer Research
Volume: 69(12),
Page(s): 5226-5233
Title: Drug-selected human lung cancer stem cells: cytokine network, tumorigenic and metastatic properties.
Author(s): Levina V, Marrangoni A, DeMarco R, Gorelik E, Lokshin A
Year: 2008
Journal: PLoS ONE
Volume: 3(8):
Page(s): e3077.
Title: Chemotherapeutic drugs and human tumor cells cytokine network
Author(s): Levina V, Su Y, Nolen B, Liu X, Gordin Y, Lee M, Lokshin A, Gorelik E
Year: 2008
Journal: Int J Cancer
Volume: 123(9)
Page(s): 2031-2040