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University of Pittsburgh

Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Mezzanine Level,
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Phone: (412) 648-9115

Charles Christopher Horn, PhD


Associate Professor of Medicine & Anesthesiology


Member, Biobehavioral Medicine in Oncology Program, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute


Graduate training faculty, Center for Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh


Member, Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research


Member, Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center

Office: Hillman Cancer Center - Research Pavilion, G17b
5117 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-623-1417
Fax: 412-623-1119

Ph.D., Behavioral Neuroscience, Kansas State University, 1996
M.S., Behavioral Neuroscience, Kansas State University, 1993
B.S., Psychology, Missouri State University, 1991

Postdoctoral fellowship, Columbia University, Center for Neurobiology and Behavior, New York City, 2000

Area of Specialization/Research Interest  
Gut-Brain Axis
Feeding behavior

Dr. Horn’s primary research focus is the neurobiology of nausea and vomiting and more generally the role of gut-brain communication in homeostasis. Numerous medical treatments and diseases activate the gut-brain axis to elicit nausea and emesis, including cancer chemotherapy agents, AIDS treatment drugs, and analgesics in post-operative recovery. This line of research has the long term goal of developing treatments to decrease symptom burden and improve quality of life for patients.

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