Department of Medicine

University of Pittsburgh


Current and Completed PROMH Research Projects

Years Project Title Funding Source
2003–2004 Media Literacy for Health Education and Disease Prevention: Pilot Project Maurice Falk Foundation
2004–2005 Health, Media Exposure, and Media Literacy Tobacco Free Allegheny
2004–2007 Ad It Up: Integration of Video Production into Smoking Prevention Media Literacy Programs Maurice Falk Foundation
2005–2006 Improving Medical Students’ Cultural Competency through Developing Community Patient Education Materials University of Pittsburgh Provost’s Innovation in Education Award
2006–2009 School-Based Media Literacy to Reduce Adolescent Smoking Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
2006–2011 Media Literacy to Prevent Adolescent Smoking (K07) National Institutes of Health
2008–2011 Computer-Based Health and Medical Education in Needy Area High Schools Maurice Falk Foundation
2009–2011 Investigating Associations between Media Use, Depression, and Anxiety, Using Ecological Momentary Assessment RAND–University of Pittsburgh Health Institute
2009–2011 Media Literacy to Prevent Adolescent Smoking, Supplement (K07-S) National Institutes of Health
2009–2011 Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking among Students at the University of Florida University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and Urban Research
2010–2015 Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking among Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States (R01) National Institutes of Health
2011–2014 Media Literacy to Improve Evidence-Based Prescribing among Family Medicine Trainees Oregon Department of Justice