Department of Medicine

University of Pittsburgh


Areas of HVI Research

HVI faculty continue to develop a national reputation for excellence in cardiovascular research. Active awards for the HVI include over 30 NIH grants, more than 60 clinical trials, and an additional 15+ awards of other types. In the area of clinical research, our studies include a diverse array of new therapeutic drugs and devices including gene therapy for coronary artery disease, novel noninvasive therapies for angina and heart failure, a percutaneous ventricular assist device for patients dying from shock, and the first use of recombinant chimeric human protein for the treatment of congestive heart failure. Numerous presentations are regularly made by HVI faculty at the National Scientific Session of the American Heart Association Meeting (AHA), the American College of Cardiology (ACC), the North American Society for Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE), and the Heart Failure Society.

Dr. Joon Lee and Dr. Mark Gladwin introduce the Pittsburgh Heart, Lung, Blood, and Vascular Medicine Institute.

Pittsburgh Heart, Lung, Blood, and Vascular Medicine Institute

In 2013, Pitt's Vascular Medicine Institute (VMI) expanded into cardiovascular medicine, partnering with the HVI to create the Pittsburgh Heart, Lung, Blood, and Vascular Medicine Institute. The institute harnesses an inter-disciplinary team of researchers, physicians, and physician-scientists to fulfill its mission to perform rigorous, cutting-edge basic and translational research, and train the next generation of scientists.

VMI/HVI Innovator Awards

VMI/HVI Innovator Awards feature collaborations between VMI and HVI faculty members. The projects below represent cutting-edge science and highlight how the synergy between VMI and HVI faculty opens new and exciting areas of research. Below is a list of recently-funded projects:

Project Title

Guy Salama, PhD
David Schwartzman, MD
Ana Mora, MD

Relaxin: A transformative therapy for atrial fibrillation

Marc Simon, MD
Sruti Shiva, PhD

Mitochondrial function in RV failure

Matthew Muldoon, MD
J. Richard Jennings, PhD
Adam Straub, PhD

The role of hemopressin in reversing essential hypertension

Joao Cavalcante, MD
Greg Kato, MD

Sleep Disorders, Diastolic Function, and Metabolic Syndrome in Sickle Cell Disease

John Gorcsan, MD
Elena Goncharova, PhD

Quantitative Echocardiography in a Rat Model of Pulmonary Hypertension

Kang Kim, PhD
Edith Tzeng, MD

Ultrasensitive Thermal Strain Imaging to Prevent Unnecessary Carotid Intervention and Strokes