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Center for Intestinal Health and Nutrition Support

The Center for Intestinal Health & Nutrition Support offers a focal point for patients with complex gastrointestinal health problems in need of nutritional support.   Patients treated for a variety of conditions can develop temporary or permanent feeding disorders that require intervention to restore and maintain nutrition in the context of their health status. In addition to diet modification support, the Center offers long-term tube and intravenous feeding regimens with total parenteral nutrition (TPN), supervised both in the hospital and at home, as essential components of care to restore health. Once patients are discharged, the Center for Intestinal Health & Nutrition Support continues to provide an integrated, multidisciplinary “team” approach to supervise metabolic monitoring, helping patients to maintain nutritional homeostasis and avoid the serious complications of sepsis, thrombosis, and liver disease. 

The Center for Intestinal Health & Nutrition Support also offers Pennsylvania’s only small bowel transplantation programs.  This area of gastroenterology is not commonly practiced, with only a handful of centers in the US. The University of Pittsburgh’s 20+ years of experience with intestinal transplantations puts the Center into an elite class in terms of surgical and medical expertise.

The Center’s additional areas of expertise include management of patients with severe and refractory Crohn’s disease, complications of ileoanal reconstruction, complications of gastric bypass surgery, complications of intestinal ischemia, intestinal adhesions, and recurrent partial small bowel obstruction, as well as patients suffering from enteropathies including refractory celiac disease, hypogammaglobulinemia, congenital immunodeficiencies, and intestinal dysmotility.

Clinical Trials

The Center for Intestinal Health & Nutrition Support is committed to improving nutritional care through basic research translated into clinical practice, and is engaged in a number of ongoing research studies:

Physicians and Physician Extenders

The Center for Intestinal Health & Nutrition Support physicians include:

David G. Binion, MD – Director, Nutrition Support
Elizabeth Kramer, MD
David Levinthal, MD, PhD
Stephen J.D. O’Keefe, MD, MSc
David C. Whitcomb, MD, PhD
Juliette Bender-Heine, PA-C
Gina Kozak, PA-C